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Women in Television 3

Test your knowledge of these female television stars.


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#1   Lucille Ball may be the queen of television comedy. Only three shows below starred Lucy. Which one did not?

#2   She gave us the title role of sassy and vivacious "Alice".

#3   Barbara Hale was a faithful Girl Friday to "Perry Mason" on nine seasons of the popular series. Whom did she play?

#4   Sunny Mindy Cohn portrayed this hilarious student on "The Facts of Life".

#5   Norman Lear's unparalleled creation "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" ran only from 1976 to 1977 on CBS. Who played Mary?

#6   Which actress has twice portrayed the wife of Bill Cosby on television sitcoms?

#7   Susan Saint James has played roles on all but one of these TV series. Which show did not feature the actress?

#8   Edie Falco played this long-suffering wife of Tony on "The Sopranos" on HBO.

#9   Which of these actresses did not star with comedian Bob Newhart on his TV sitcoms?

#10   She narrated this cosmopolitan show about four women in New York on "Sex and the City". Who played eager journalist Carrie Bradshaw?

#11   Three of these actresses were in the original cast of the inaugural 1975-1976 season of "Saturday Night Live". Which lady joined the show at a later date?

#12   Frances Bavier's gentle character arrived to care for Andy & Opie on the "The Andy Griffith Show". What was her name?




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