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Random Greek Mythology

How well do you know these ancient tales of gods, monsters, and heroes?


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#1   ________ was the son of Zeus and Semele.

#2   What did the hunter Actaeon do to offend the goddess Artemis?

#3   How did King Polydectes die?

#4   This nephew of Heracles helped him fight the Hydra.

#5   Chrysothemis was the daughter of ______________________.

#6   This crook threw his victims off a cliff into the sea, where a giant turtle ate them.

#7   Ino became this sea goddess when she threw herself off a cliff into the sea.

#8   The Egyptian king Busiris made sacrifices of all strangers.

#9   What was unusual about the mythical dog known as Laelaps?

#10   The Wandering Rocks were menaces to seafarers. What were they called?




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