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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

See how well you know the details of an epic quest to overthrow evil.


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#1   You start the game in what city?

#2   Which of these guilds is off limits?

#3   Who is the Kahjiit in the Balmora Mages Guild?

#4   In the Balmora Fighters Guild, who do you talk to to join?

#5   Where is the Thieves Guild hide out in Vivec?

#6   Where can you find the Morag Tong Assassins Guild in Vivec?

#7   In the main quest, Caius will eventually send you to which 6th House Base?

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#8   To cure yourself of corpus, you visit a wizard of which Great House?

#9   Which Ashlander camp's wisewoman gives you the prophecies of the Neravarine?

#10   The Moon and Star is a...

#11   What two weapons do you need to get inside the Ghostfence before taking on Dagoth Ur?

#12   How many times do you have to kill Dagoth Ur?

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