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Famous Duos I

We can't think of them apart. When we see one of them, the other comes to our minds automatically. So, can you name the partners' names?


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#1   Ernie and his friend are two roommates on the show 'Sesame Street'. Can you name Ernie's friend?

#2   Popeye rescues his girlfriend who constantly gets kidnapped by Bluto. Can you name Popeye's girlfriend?

#3   Rocky is a flying squirrel and his best friend is a moose. Can you name this good-natured moose?

#4   This famous duo appear on the TV show 'The Simpsons'. Itchy constantly tries to kill the black cat. Can you name this black cat?

#5   SpongeBob's best friend is a pink sea star who lives under a rock. Can you name this sea star?

#6   Can you name Mario's sidekick, who is also his brother, in the popular video games?

#7   Can you name Road Runner's foe who tries to catch him continuously?

#8   Hansel and his sister find a house made of cake and bread, but unfortunately, it belongs to a witch who wants to eat them. Can you name Hansel's sister?

#9   Jon Arbuckle has two pets; a fat and lazy cat, Garfield, and a long-eared beagle. Can you name the long-eared dog?

#10   Pinky and his partner try to take over the world, which ends in failure mostly because of Pinky's idiocy. Can you name Pinky's partner?




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