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Do You Know Your Smilies?

Whether it is a friendly e-mail or chatting with your friends, the computer keyboard can produce many smiles. But do you know some of the smilies that letters can make? Take this quiz to find out!


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Category:Technology > Internet
Created By:tintiniscool


#1   You are instant messaging Phoebe, and she sends a very happy grin. Which smiley might she have sent?

#2   When Lorenzo sends the :-( smiley, he is showing that he is winking at you.

#3   Your friend Nisha wears glasses, and she sends you a smiley that shows she is smiling! Which smiley did she send?

#4   Wesley is making you angry in his senseless email. You vent your frustration with which smiley?

#5   Gasp! Savannah just told you startling news! Which smiley might you send to her?

#6   When Naomi tells you a secret, you promise to keep your lips sealed. Which smiley might you send to Naomi to show this?

#7   Ben broke his limb arm wrestling, and sends you a crying smiley. Which smiley would represent that?

#8   Ross told you something that was so random, you weren't fazed at all. You decide to send a smiley showing that you have no expression. Which smiley would show this?

#9   Betsy decides to write an outrageous remark, with a wink at the end. Which smiley might she have sent?

#10   What is the smiley that represents a regular smile?

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