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12 Angry Men

Test your knowledge of the ORIGINAL (1957) version of this movie.


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#1   Who was the director of the movie?

#2   The "12 Angry Men" referenced in the title are baseball players.

#3   Most of the movie takes place in one locale.

#4   Which of these actors was NOT a juror in the movie?

#5   When deliberations open and the jurors take the initial vote to see where they all stand, how many voted guilty?

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#6   Juror number seven goes against the others and votes not guilty.

#7   By the end of the movie, eleven of the jurors have changed their vote, and the boy is found not guilty.

#8   It took fifty years for the live theatrical version of "12 Angry Men" to be brought to stage.

#9   What made Davis feel that the old woman from the next building may not have seen what she claimed?

#10   What weapon was used to commit the murder?




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