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The Razzies

Every year, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gets together to award the Oscars. The Oscars celebrate the best in cinema. It only stands to reason that for every "best", there must be a "worst". Enter, the Razzies.


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#1   Like the Oscar, the Razzie is only the more popular name of the award. What is its proper name?

#2   In what year was the first Razzie awarded?

#3   What is the approximate value of the Razzie trophy?

#4   Which actor below has the dubious honor of being the first recipient of the Worst Actor Razzie?

#5   Which actress below actually attended and accepted her award for Worst Actress just one night before she won the Oscar for Best Actress?

#6   In 1999, who was named as the "Worst Actor of the Century"?

#7   Which Nicolas Cage movie was given a special award in 1997 for Worst Reckless Disregard for Human Life and Public Property?

#8   Which director of video game inspired films like "BloodRayne", "House of the Dead", and "Alone in the Dark" was awarded a Razzie in 2009 for Worst Career Achievement? (Hint: The Razzies called him "Germany's answer to Ed Wood".)

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#9   All five films below were nominated in 1999 for Worst Picture of the Decade. Which film "won"?

#10   Two American Presidents have "won" Razzies.




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