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Curling by the Numbers

How well do you know this winter sport? Take the quiz to find out!


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Created By:brainyboy615


#1   A curling match consists of how many rounds (ends)?

#2   How many players are on each team?

#3   How many players run with the moving stone, sweeping the ice in front of it?

#4   How many stones does each team throw per end?

#5   What is the maximum score a team can get in one end?

#6   How many concentric circles are contained within the target (the house)?

#7   The smallest circle in the target (the house) has a diameter of how many inches?

#8   The largest circle in the target (the house) has a diameter of how many feet?

#9   Curling stones can weigh up to how many pounds?

#10   The playing surface or "curling sheet" is a block of ice that is approximately 150 feet long and how many feet wide?




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