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Feline Trivia

Meow! Do you think you know your house cat?


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Category:Nature > Animals
Created By:Kaipper


#1   About how fast can the average house cat run?

#2   Most cats have four toes on each of their paws.

#3   Which age is an appropriate age to take a kitten away from its mother?

#4   Spaying or neutering a cat provides benefits to the cat as well as the owner.

#5   How does declawing benefit a cat?

#6   Which of these is safe for a cat to play with?

#7   It is a good idea to feed your cat table scraps.

#8   At which age is a kitten considered a grown cat?

#9   How many meals should an adult cat eat in one day?

#10   All cats should be groomed every day.




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