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How much do you know about the YouTube channel "Smosh"? This quiz will test your knowledge!


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Category:Movies > Comedy
Created By:Mathgeek007


#1   What is Smosh's guinea pig's name?

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#2   What are Ian and Anthony's last names? Separate them by a space.

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#3   Which of these YouTube channels is not an alternate channel to Smosh?

#4   Smosh started their Food Battle videos in 2005.

#5   Which state do the Smoshies live in?

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#6   Who have the Smosh guys never met in-video?

#7   Smosh owns a website.

#8   Which video that featured Smosh is not on the channel?

#9   A now popular addition to Smosh is an older Ian person.

#10   Ian's mom is in many Smosh vids.




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