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The Great Indian Challenge I - Religious Spots

India has several famous religious spots where people from the world over worship. Practically all faiths are represented in one holy location or another all over India.


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#1   Where is the famous Lotus Temple located?

#2   Which faith worships at the Golden Temple in Amritsar?

#3   The famous mosque located in Mumbai, India in the middle of the sea is -

#4   The Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan has a peculiar characteristic of worship. What is it?

#5   The place of worship of the Parsis (those who follow the Zoroastrian faith) is called -

#6   Lord Brahma is worshipped as the God of Creation in Hinduism. Yet, there is only one known temple in the whole of India that is dedicated to Him. Where is it?

#7   The Ayyappa Temple is located in the mountains of the South of India. What is the place called?

#8   In which temple would you find the Thousand Pillar Hall?

#9   Which famous Church in the South of India survived the tsunami that hit the region in December 2004 to the utter amazement of the worshippers?

#10   Where is the location of the place where Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, attained enlightenment?




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