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See how much you know about Nintendo's mascot and best-seller, Mario!


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#1   In which game did Mario first appear?

#2   The damsel in distress that Mario first rescued was Princess Peach.

#3   Before Mario became Mario, what was his name?

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#4   Mario games have sold over 193 million units world-wide, and is the most successful video game series of all time.

#5   A palette swap of Mario ended up as a character of his own. He was introduced to the story as Mario's brother, and his name is:

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#6   Mario's original, and most recurring enemy in the Mario Brothers series is:

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#7   One of Mario's most successful spin-off series was a racing game, for the Super NES. The name of this series is:

#8   Mario has made many friends on his journeys. In Super Mario World, he made friends with a certain dinosaur. His name was:

#9   In Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube, Mario made friends with a machine. Its name was:

#10   Mario's first 3D platformer game is:




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