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Braingle Forums and Talk Boxes

How much do you know about Braingle's forums and talk box sections?


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Created By:mathisnice


#1   How many forums did Braingle originally have?

#2   How long since a forum topic's last post does it take for the topic to be auto-deleted because of inactivity?

#3   Which of the following names is not the name of a Braingle forum?

#4   "GD" is a common abbreviation for which forum?

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#5   What is the maximum number of members, not including the owner, that can be in a talk box made by a non-subscriber?

#6   When were talk boxes introduced to Braingle?

#7   Both talk boxes and the public forums have a censorship system in place.

#8   Jimmy wants to talk about his favorite book. What's the name of the forum he would go to?

#9   How many points must you have to post in the High Scorers forum?

#10   Jane wants to create a topic debating whether or not climate change is real. Where should she post it?




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