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"M*A*S*H" II

This will really test your knowledge of the hit television show, "M*A*S*H".


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#1   Who looked like a sure winner of the final event of the M*A*S*H Olympics, but blew it?

#2   Whose team won the M*A*S*H Olympics?

#3   In one episode, Hawkeye was temporarily blinded by what accident?

#4   Where was Hawkeye when the accident that temporarily blinded him took place?

#5   B.J. received a mystery novel in the mail and everybody wanted to read it. What was the title?

#6   There was something wrong with the mystery novel that B.J. received in the mail. What was wrong?

#7   In what year was Radar born?

#8   What was Klinger's rank when he first arrived at the 4077th?

#9   Which character was 1/4 Cherokee Indian?

#10   What was the name of Colonel Blake's daughter?

#11   What area of Boston was Charles Emerson Winchester from?

#12   What were Trapper's two middle names?




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