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Minecraft Quiz

This is a quiz about the popular PC game created by Notch, "Minecraft".


Quiz ID:#30269
Fun:*** (2.62)
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Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:Stickmenpwn


#1   Which hostile mob explodes when it approaches you?

#2   Which block can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe?

#3   When you mine stone, what do you get?

#4   When you find a dungeon, there will be cobblestone, moss stone, one or more chests, and _____________.

#5   What mob shoots fireballs at you?

#6   Which block is unbreakable?

#7   Sand stays lit for eternity.

#8   You tame wolves with _____.

#9   Pumpkins can appear in groups of 1 up to __.

#10   How many different types of liquid can a bucket hold?




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