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The Oscar for Best Original Screenplay

Since 1940, this award has been given out, from "The Great McGinty" to 2011's winner "The King's Speech".


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#1   Orson Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz won the award in 1942 for which movie?

#2   Budd Schulberg certainly was a contender when he won the award in 1955 for which movie?

#3   William Goldman won the award in 1970 for which film starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford?

#4   Frank Pierson won the award in 1976 for which movie based on a true story of a New York bank robbery?

#5   For which movie did Woody Allen win in the 1980s?

#6   Christopher McQuarrie won the award in 1996 for which movie with a surprising twist ending?

#7   Federico Fellini has the most nominations without an award in this category with how many?

#8   Woody Allen owns the record for most nominations in this category with how many?

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#9   Cameron Crowe was the first winner of the 2000s for which film?

#10   How many people have won the award twice?

#11   As of "The King's Speech" winning the award, how many winners of this award have also won Best Picture?

#12   Before 2009, which was the last year in film to have no female nominees?




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