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"Parks and Recreation": Season Three

"Parks and Recreation" got delayed for a while because of "Outsourced", but in 2011, season three started up again. In order to do well on the quiz, you must know episode titles, character names, actor names, and more.


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#1   On what channel was season three of "Parks and Recreation" originally aired?

#2   What is Andy's band called?

#3   Chris is a character on "Parks and Recreation" who just joined in season three. Who plays Chris?

#4   In Indianapolis, there is a restaurant called ______ that Ron loves. It closed.

#5   In the episode "Li'l Sebastian", John Ralphio and Tom start a new business called _________.

#6   In the episode "Jerry's Painting", whose head is put on Jerry's painting?

#7   What Pawnee news show had Brandy Maxxxx on it once with Leslie?

#8   What is on the top of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness?

#9   In the episode "The Fight", everyone gets drunk from a drink called ______ that Tom created.

#10   There was an hour long episode called "Paper in Pawnee" in which the cast of "The Office" was in an episode with the cast of "Parks and Recreation".




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