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Prince Philip of the United Kingdom

This quiz is about Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Philip was born in Greece, a member of the Danish-German house of House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. After his family was exiled from Greece, he was educated in Germany and in the UK. In the course of his military service, Philip met Princess Elizabeth; they were later married. For nearly sixty years, Philip has worked in support of Queen Elizabeth's reign.


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#1   Philip was a prince at birth.

#2   What is Philip's surname?

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#3   In which branch of the armed forces of the United Kingdom did Philip serve prior to his marriage?

#4   On 19 November 1947 (the day before his wedding to Princess Elizabeth), Philip was created Duke of:

#5   How many of Philip's four sisters attended his wedding?

#6   Philip's present style of 'Prince' comes from what source?

#7   As husband to the queen, Philip is the longest serving __________ in United Kingdom History.

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#8   How many children do Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have?

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#9   Prince Philip is in the line of succession to the throne of the United Kingdom.

#10   Who is the current heir to Philip's title of Duke of Edinburgh?




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