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Space Shuttle Program

This quiz is about the American space shuttle program, officially called the Space Transportation System (STS).


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#1   In what year was the first shuttle launched into orbit?

#2   Who was the first American female astronaut to go into space?

#3   Who was the oldest astronaut to go into space aboard a space shuttle?

#4   Which of the following facts is true of astronaut Story Musgrave?

#5   How many astronauts were aboard Challenger when it exploded in 1986?

#6   How many space missions were flown by the shuttle fleet?

#7   What shuttle had the most missions?

#8   How many missions involved docking with a space station?

#9   What was the duration of the longest space shuttle mission?

#10   What shuttle never flew in space?

#11   The largest shuttle crew was eight astronauts.

#12   Columbia disintegrated during reentry in 2003.

#13   All four major parts of the shuttle stack (orbiter, external liquid-fuel tank, and two solid-fuel boosters) are reusable.




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