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"Ace Attorney" Character Quiz (Phoenix)

This is one of a series of quizzes about the characters in the "Ace Attorney" game series. This quiz is based on the main character for the majority of the games, Phoenix Wright.


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Created By:coolcat101202


#1   Throughout most of the series, Phoenix Wright works as a ___________.

#2   When he is disbarred, what job does Phoenix Wright do?

#3   Which of these is not an alias/nickname of Phoenix Wright?

#4   Miles Edgeworth and Larry Butz are both friends from Phoenix's childhood.

#5   What is the name of Phoenix's university girlfriend?

#6   Phoenix killed Doug Swallow.

#7   What is the name of Phoenix's assistant at the Wright and Co. law offices?

#8   Who gave Phoenix the Magatama?

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#9   The Magatama reveals what?

#10   Who impersonated Phoenix in "Recipe for Turnabout"?

#11   Phoenix dies when a bridge collapses under him.

#12   What is the name of Phoenix's adopted daughter?




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