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Year in Review: 1935

Test your knowledge of the events of 1935. The questions cover a wide range of topics (politics, entertainment, sports, science, etc).


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#1   In tennis, who won the French Open men's singles tournament?

#2   In what American city was the world's first parking meter installed?

#3   What anti-Jewish statutes were enacted in Germany?

#4   In baseball, which of the following teams won the World Series?

#5   Who painted "Couple in Rumble Seat"?

#6   What company manufactured the first men's briefs underwear?

#7   Alcoholics Anonymous had its beginnings in 1935. Which of the following men was involved in its founding?

#8   Which of the following movies, released in 1935, starred Greta Garbo?

#9   Which Nobel Prize did Hans Spemann win?

#10   Which of the following events did not occur in 1935?

#11   In 1935, James Braddock won boxing's world heavyweight title.

#12   In 1935, the American Institute of Public Opinion was founded. Today, it is known as the Gallup Poll.

#13   In 1935, radar was demonstrated for the first time. Its inventor was Robert Watson-Watt.




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