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"The Sims 2" Expansion Pack - "Apartment Life"

The "Apartment Life" expansion pack for "The Sims 2" allows your Sims to enjoy a new lifestyle. It was the eighth and final expansion pack released for "The Sims 2". How well do you know this expansion pack?


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Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:Kaipper


#1   Playground equipment is included with this expansion pack. This piece does NOT come with "Apartment Life".

#2   This expansion pack includes a new way for Sims to die.

#3   How does a Sim become a witch or warlock?

#4   A neighborhood is added with this expansion pack. What is the neighborhood called?

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#5   How many roommates can you have at one time?

#6   You can buy helicopters with this expansion pack.

#7   If you hire a butler, he will do everything other service NPCs (Non-Player Characters) do, EXCEPT:

#8   Even if you do not own the "Pets" expansion pack, your Sims can now own:

#9   How many mail slots does the apartment mailbox have? (Just write the number, don't write "mail slots".)

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#10   With this expansion pack, you can toggle whether or not you will see the ceiling in houses or apartment buildings.




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