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Food Network

How much do you know about the Food Network channel? This is an American Food Network quiz, with one Canadian question.


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Created By:Faith511


#1   On "Cupcake Wars", who is the female judge who is always there? Please use first and last name.

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#2   Who hosts "Boy Meets Grill"?

#3   Which of these shows from Food Network is in the form of a competition?

#4   Who hosts "Food Network Challenge"? Please use first and last name.

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#5   Besides Bobby Flay, who is the guest judge on "Iron Chef Challenge" on season 7 of "The Next Food Network Star", who is also on "Iron Chef America"?

#6   Anthony Sedlak, host of "The Main" on Food Network Canada, is the winner of which competition series?

#7   On "The Next Food Network Star" season 7, who went home first? First and last name please.

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#8   Where is "Food Network Star" finalist Alicia Sanchez's home?

#9   What president (former or present) did Bobby Flay help while cooking? Last name only.

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#10   Which of these is not an Iron Chef?




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