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The original "Half-Life", released in 1998, is an action game which received much praise from critics. Gordon Freeman, a scientist at Black Mesa, is controlled by the player. How much do you know about this first-person shooter?


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#1   Gordon Freeman (the player character) is a chemist.

#2   What mark is the HEV suit?

#3   You do NOT get this weapon in the game.

#4   Who owes Gordon a beer?

#5   There is a picture of a baby inside Gordon's locker. Who is the baby in the picture?

#6   There is a casserole in the microwave at the Anomalous Materials Laboratory. What can you do with it?

#7   What does G-Man offer Gordon at the end of the game?

#8   The tagline for this game is "Run. ____. Shoot. Live."

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#9   What rating was this game given by the ESRB?

#10   There is a Greek letter used in the title of the game.




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