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Beginning Ballet

Think you know all about ballet? Think you're the ultimate fan? Think you have what it takes to be a professional ballerina or choreographer? Well, let's see!


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#1   What is turnout?

#2   What ballet term means "behind"?

#3   What is the meaning of the word demi, as in demi-plie?

#4   What is the international language of ballet?

#5   Which part of the body is most involved in a battement tendu?

#6   What piece of equipment, usually attached to the wall, is used for balance and for warming up?

#7   In ballet, what is the term for a dance for two people?

#8   Which ballet music was not written by Tchaikovsky?

#9   How many basic foot positions exist in classical, basic ballet?

#10   What is the name for an admirer of the ballet, a ballet connoisseur, or a ballet enthusiast?




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