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Same Name - USA-Europe Geography Edition

When European settlers first settled in other parts of the world, they named many of the cities and towns in their new countries for familiar places back home; as a result, there are many cities whose names are common to more than one state/province or country. How many of these places can you recognise?


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#1   What place name is shared by both a city in Delaware and a seaside town in Kent, UK?

#2   What city in Georgia shares its name with the European capital city known for the Parthenon?

#3   Both New York and Iowa have cities named for this European city that surrounds the Holy See.

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#4   What suburb of Detroit, Michigan is named for an ancient city located in what is now Turkey?

#5   What city in Florida, overlooking Tampa Bay, was named for the former capital city of the world's largest country?

#6   What city in Kansas is named for the Swiss capital?

#7   What township in Minnesota shares its name with a city in Sweden founded in 1250?

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#8   What city in Illinois is named for a city in Poland that once housed a Nazi Ghetto?

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#9   What city in Oklahoma shares its name with the largest city in the Czech Republic?

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#10   What city in New York shares its name with a Dutch city known for its "red light district" and liberal laws?

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#11   Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky all have cities named for this French capital.

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