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Team Fortress 2

"Team Fortress 2" is a first-person shooter developed by Valve and free to play through Steam. How well do you know this game?


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Created By:Kaipper


#1   What does team RED stand for?

#2   What does team BLU stand for?

#3   There must be at least one of this team member on each team.

#4   Of the seven game modes, how many were shipped with the game originally?

#5   In the game mode "Capture the Flag", you are trying to capture the enemy team's ____.

#6   What is the difference between the "Payload" and "Payload Race" game modes?

#7   Which of these weapons does NOT belong to the stated team member?

#8   Finish the quote: "May I borrow your earpiece? 'This is Scout; ____ make me cry! Over!'"

#9   Which team member has the most health?

#10   In game modes with control points, a player must stand on a control point and do this to capture it.




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