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Eponymous Food 2

Do you have a favourite family recipe, perhaps named after an uncle or a grandmother? Pass it on to others; maybe it will become famous like the foods in this quiz. Eponymous foods are named after a person or a place; see how many of them you know!


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#1   Named for a New York hotel, _____ salad is made with celery, apples, walnuts, and grapes in a mayonnaise dressing.

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#2   A Luther Burger uses a doughnut as the bun; who is it named after?

#3   Vidalia onions and Brussels sprouts are named for cities in the same country.

#4   Which of the following is named for a country? (The others are named for people.)

#5   When sliced extra thick, I am from Texas, but when dipped in egg and milk and then fried, I am French. What am I?

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#6   Which of these is traditionally eaten with a meal, not as a dessert?

#7   The Spartan, Cortland, and Empire apples are all thought to be offspring of which eponymous apple?

#8   Which of these cocktails is an eponym (named after a person or place)?

#9   This is a chicken dish with a cream sauce that is served over toast or biscuits.

#10   This is breaded chicken filled with butter then baked or fried.




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