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New Zealand's Native Animals

This will teach what the New Zealand native animals are, what they look like, and where to find them.


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#1   This bird is brown, nocturnal, and its name is also a nickname for New Zealanders. What is it?

#2   This bird is endangered and is slightly bigger than the pukeko. What is it?

#3   This bird is extinct and is the largest bird (dead or alive) in New Zealand. What is it?

#4   This bird is well known on the ski fields, has red under its wings, and has been known to pick at and damage cars. What is it?

#5   This bird looks almost completely black except for a signature patch of white at its neck. There is also a beer called by the same name. What is it?

#6   This animal is New Zealand's only native land mammal. What is it?

#7   Found on the Chatham Islands off mainland New Zealand, this bird is one of the world's rarest seabirds. What is it?

#8   This bird is a large, brown, flightless bird and has a famously feisty and curious personality. What is it?

#9   The Morepork is not a native bird in New Zealand.

#10   The Canada Goose is not a native bird in New Zealand.




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