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Trivia Grab Bag: Western Civilization I Edition

Test your knowledge of world history.


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#1   Who married Mary Tudor c. A.D. 1550?

#2   Pericles was which of the following?

#3   The same monarchs who funded Columbus's expedition to the New World instituted the Spanish Inquisition.

#4   In what year did Ferdinand Magellan's company circumnavigate the globe?

#5   Who wrote the first German translation of the Bible?

#6   Roman Emperor Nero had his mother executed because he suspected her of conspiracy.

#7   Which English dynasty was victorious in the War of the Roses? (1485)

#8   Niccolo Machiavelli was the explorer who rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1487.

#9   Alexander the Great was the son of which monarch?

#10   Caligula, a Roman emperor, was said to induct what animal into the Senate?

#11   Aristotle equated democracy with mob rule.

#12   St. Francis of Assisi became a monk after being castrated by his lover's uncle.

#13   The first stock exchange took place in 1531 in which country?




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