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"Nintendogs" allows you to raise puppies on your Nintendo DS. How much do you know about this virtual pet simulator?


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Created By:Kaipper


#1   This is NOT a game in the "Nintendogs" series.

#2   You can have up to ____ dogs at the same time.

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#3   How many classes are there in each type of contest?

#4   Which contest can you practice for at the park?

#5   Which contest uses the DS's built-in microphone?

#6   Which contest involves your dog going through an obstacle course?

#7   When you take your dog on a walk, boxes with question marks show up on the map. What is one thing they NEVER represent?

#8   How much does it cost to leave a dog at the dog hotel?

#9   You can hire a trainer to teach your dog commands.

#10   How long does it take for your puppies to grow up?

#11   You can raise cats as well as dogs.




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