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This will test your knowledge of the hit TV show, "M*A*S*H". This was a show based on Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals, which showed the serious side, as well as the funny side of the people who lived and worked in the war setting.


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#1   In one episode, Frank Burns wanted to avoid foot inspection. Why was this?

#2   What member of the 4077th came down with hepatitis?

#3   Radar writes his impressions of the 4077th after enrolling in what writers' school?

#4   What newspaper publishes the crossword puzzle that confounds Hawkeye?

#5   What is a 5-letter Yiddish word for bedbug? This was the one question that vexed Hawkeye in the crossword puzzle.

#6   When Hawkeye was declared dead through a clerical error, what item of his did his dad sell?

#7   What radio and TV personality does Radar impersonate when the film breaks during Col. Potter's favorite movie?

#8   When the film breaks at one point during Col. Potter's favorite movie, who stands up and entertains the crowd with a song?

#9   While Col. Potter is away, his horse becomes ill and BJ calls his father-in-law for help. What is his name?

#10   In what city does BJ's father-in-law live?

#11   When Col. Potter's horse became ill while he was away, what illness did the horse have?

#12   Before settling on a career in medicine, what did Winchester want to become?




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