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Ohio Cities

Ohio became a state of the United States of America in 1803. It is home to many interesting cities, both large and small.


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#1   Columbus, Ohio was named for the explorer, Christopher Columbus.

#2   This central Ohio city is known for being the corporate headquarters for Longaberger, a maker of handcrafted baskets. It is the county seat of Licking County and shares its name with a large New Jersey city.

#3   Paul Laurence Dunbar, a writer, was born in this Ohio city in 1872. He also died there in 1906. He was a contemporary with Wilbur and Orville Wright.

#4   This Ohio city borders Michigan and Lake Erie. It also shares its name with and is a sister city to a city in Spain.

#5   This Ohio city was the site of the first rock and roll concert. It is also the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

#6   This city's large metropolitan area includes area in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

#7   The Pro Football Hall of Fame and The William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum can be found in this Ohio city. Music groups The O'Jays and Relient K were formed here.

#8   The Red Stockings baseball team won their first game over the Great Westerns on May 4, 1869 in this Ohio city.

#9   This city is home to Ohio State University, the only Ohio school in the NCAA Big Ten Conference.

#10   The well-known amusement park, Cedar Point, can be found in this Ohio city.




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