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"F Troop" Basic Training

"F Troop" was a television show that was a parody of the United States Army in the Old West following the Civil War. Let's see what basic facts you know about the show.


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#1   "F Troop" was originally on the air during what time frame?

#2   One of the premises of "F Troop" is that Captain Parmenter "abruptly seized retreat and reversed it to victory!" How did he do that?

#3   One of the main characters of "F Troop" was Captain Parmenter. What was his first name?

#4   What actor played the role of Captain Parmenter?

#5   "Wrangler" Jane had a crush on (and later, a relationship with) one of the men in F Troop. Which one was it?

#6   What job did "Wrangler" Jane have in town?

#7   The Hekawi lived near F Troop. Who was their leader?

#8   Who was known for saying, "Agarn, I don't know why they say you're so dumb!"?

#9   Which member of F Troop plays the bugle?

#10   What was most striking change that happened for season two of "F Troop"?




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