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"Catching Fire"

How well do you know the sequel to the book "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins?


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Created By:rach2cats


#1   What product comes from District 12?

#2   What does Peeta say his favorite color is?

#3   Why is Gale beaten by Thread?

#4   Which district are Bonnie and Twill from?

#5   Why are Bonnie and Twill going to District 13?

#6   This year's Games are special because only boys are going into the arena.

#7   How many living victors are there in District 12?

#8   The belts on tributes' jumpsuits are devices that can spray toxic gases that only they are immune to.

#9   What is the environment like in the arena?

#10   Who does Katniss form an alliance with when she goes into the arena the second time?

#11   The tributes use the spile to get _____ from the trees.

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#12   What does the arena resemble?




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