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The Kingdom of Lesotho is a small country on the continent of Africa. See how many of these basic facts you can get right.


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#1   How many countries border Lesotho?

#2   Which of the following bodies of water borders Lesotho?

#3   Which of the following states of the United States is closest in size to Lesotho?

#4   The flag of Lesotho consists of four colours. What are they?

#5   Lesotho has two official languages. One of them is Sesotho. What is the other?

#6   What percentage of Lesotho is water?

#7   Lesotho is divided into districts for administrative purposes. How many districts are there?

#8   What is the capital of Lesotho?

#9   The size of Lesotho's capital is closest to which of the following Australian cities?

#10   The motto of Lesotho is "Khotso, Pula, Nala". In English, khotso means peace and pula means rain. What does nala translate to?




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