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Quantum Leap

"Quantum Leap" was a science-fiction television show in which Dr. Beckett leaped though different periods of time and into different people. It starred Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.


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#1   In what year did "Quantum Leap" debut?

#2   How many seasons of "Quantum Leap" were there?

#3   Who is credited as being the creator of "Quantum Leap"?

#4   Scott Bakula played the character of Dr. Beckett. What was Dr. Beckett's first name?

#5   In the beginning of the series, before any leaps were made, what year was it?

#6   What was Dr. Beckett's brother's name?

#7   What was Dr. Beckett's wife's first name?

#8   Dr. Beckett was friends with Al, who is seen as a holographic image. What was Al's last name?

#9   What was Al's military rank?

#10   What was Al's first wife's name?

#11   How many times did Dr. Beckett leap into a female?




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