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Classic Television I - The Andy Griffith Show

This quiz tests a member's knowledge of the television series The Andy Griffith Show.


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Category:Television > Comedy
Created By:Mysterious


#1   In the Andy Griffith Show, what is the name of the small town in which the show is set?

#2   In what state is the Andy Griffith Show set?

#3   On the show, what is the first and last name of the clever and insightful Sheriff? (Write the name as you normally would any name.)

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#4   The town drunk checks himself in and out of jail on a regular basis. What is his name?

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#5   Persnickety Howard Sprague still lives with his mother and is the newspaper editor.

#6   How is the deputy related to the sheriff?

#7   What is the first and last name of the deputy? (Write the name as you normally would any name.)

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#8   The Darling family were a clan of suspicious hillbillies. The daughter was sometimes intent on marrying the good sheriff. Which of the following is her name?

#9   Floyd Lawson was which of the following?

#10   This star has the unique distinction of being the only player to endure the entire run of The Andy Griffith Show, beginning with the pilot and remaining through part of Mayberry, R.F.D. Who is this illustrious and unforgettable person?

#11   Which role in the show was played by a star that later went on to be part of the production and direction of such cinematic projects as Splash, Apollo 13, Cocoon, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas?




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