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All About Venice

Venice was a great center of art, learning, and music during the Renaissance age, and is still as great as it once was today! How much do you know about the past, present, and geography of this beautiful city?


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#1   Venice lies on an archipelago in what body of water?

#2   Venice is located in the _____ region of Italy.

#3   The great canal that winds its way through all of Venice is called the ______.

#4   Across approximately how many islands does the city of Venice stretch?

#5   Which of these is NOT a nickname for Venice?

#6   Which of the following was the classical Venetian transportational boat?

#7   Which of these Italian Baroque/Classical composers was born in Venice?

#8   Which of the following Biblical works was painted by the Venetian artist Titian?

#9   Marco Polo was a famous Venetian _____.

#10   What is one of Venice's most famous trade products in Medieval and Renaissance ages?




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