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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

This quiz contains questions based on the film version of "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer. Think you know all there is to know? Then test your knowledge with this quiz.


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#1   When was this movie released?

#2   What events of his past does Edward reveal to Bella the night before the wedding?

#3   Besides marrying Edward, what other major event happens in Bella's life?

#4   Who is Bella's Maid of Honor?

#5   What gift do Bella's mother and father give her at the wedding?

#6   Where do Bella and Edward spend their honeymoon?

#7   Which member of the Denali clan does not approve of the Quileutes?

#8   Bella says this phrase before spending her first night married to Edward: "Don't be a ______".

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#9   Bella finally becomes a vampire.

#10   How does this movie cut off?




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