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"A Link to the Past" - Bosses

How well do you know the bosses from this "Legend of Zelda" game? Test your knowledge on their strengths and weaknesses with this quiz.


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#1   The first boss in this game, the Armos Knights, guard which Pendant of Virtue?

#2   Three Lanmolas guard the second Pendant of Virtue. Which dungeon do they lurk in?

#3   After reaching the top of the Tower of Hera, you must defeat Moldorm to claim the final Pendant. What is Moldorm's weak point?

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#4   The last boss in the Light World is Aghanim, the evil wizard. During the battle, what is his most powerful attack?

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#5   After reaching the end of the Palace of Darkness, you must fight the mighty Helmasaur King. What color is his mask?

#6   Who is the boss of the Swamp Palace, the second Dark World dungeon?

#7   The boss of Skull Woods, the third Dark World dungeon, is Gohma, the giant spider.

#8   Blind the Thief is the boss of the fourth Dark World dungeon, Thieves' Town. What is his weakness?

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#9   Kholdstare is the boss of the fifth Dark World dungeon, the Ice Palace. He separates into three ______ eyeballs.

#10   Vitreous, the boss of Misery Mire, is able to shoot lightning.

#11   The boss of the seventh Dark World dungeon, Turtle Rock, is Trinnex. He has ______.

#12   Who is the boss at the top of Ganon's Tower?

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#13   The final showdown! You must defeat Ganon, the King of Evil! What weapon does he bring to the fight?




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