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"M*A*S*H" IV

This will test your knowledge of the hit TV show, "M*A*S*H". This was a show based on Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals in the Korean War, which showed the serious side, as well as the funny side of the people who lived and worked in the war setting.


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#1   Which two of the doctors are asked to write a paper for a prestigious medical journal?

#2   When Col. Potter catches the mumps, who catches the same illness and moves in with him?

#3   What instrument did Winchester play so badly that it drove everyone crazy?

#4   What did Hawkeye and B.J. refuse to do until Winchester stopped playing his musical instrument?

#5   Where did the musical instrument that Winchester played so poorly finally end up?

#6   Against the wishes of Hawkeye and B.J., Radar visits a tattoo parlor and gets what tattoo?

#7   On what part of his body did Radar have his tattoo placed?

#8   When B.J. finally reached the author of the mystery novel that he had been sent, who did he determine committed the murder in the book?

#9   When Margaret's appendix is removed, who performed the operation?

#10   What is the title of Col. Potter's favorite western movie?

#11   During one time when the showing of Col. Potter's favorite movie breaks down, what member of the 4077th do people begin to impersonate?

#12   What movie star does Radar impersonate when the film breaks during Col. Potter's favorite film?




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