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007 Movie Music

"Bond. James Bond." Test your brain against these familiar movie tunes for Britain's most famous secret agent.


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#1   "Dr. No" was the initial entry into the James Bond motion picture genre. Which of these nursery songs was incorporated into the opening theme music of the film?

#2   Legendary lady Nancy Sinatra performed which of these James Bond movie themes?

#3   "Thunderball", starring Sean Connery, was released in 1965. This opening title theme song was made popular by:

#4   Three James Bond films featured instrumental theme songs. Which song below is not one of them?

#5   "Goldfinger", "Moonraker", and "Diamonds Are Forever" were all sung by this sultry female artist:

#6   "The Man With The Golden Gun" was performed by this popular British songbird:

#7   Gifted, graceful Rita Coolidge sang "All Time High" for which 007 film below?

#8   "The Spy Who Loved Me" theme was sung by Carly Simon. Which title below opens the film?

#9   "A View to a Kill" theme music strikes a decidedly 1980's pop note as performed by this young band:

#10   Sheena Easton was the first 007 theme performer to be seen in the opening credits of a James Bond film; name it below:

#11   "Live And Let Die" was made popular in 1973 by this musical powerhouse:

#12   Madonna made a cameo appearance in this 007 film, along with vocalizing and co-writing the hit theme song:

#13   "Tomorrow Never Dies" is opened by vocals from this musical artist:

#14   "License to Kill" is performed by this enchanting diva:

#15   Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass are credited with the opening tune for this comic parody of the 007 series.




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