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Lost Hero

This quiz is based on the book "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan. It is about their journey, their weapons, and more.


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Category:Literature > Mythology
Created By:SweetHero


#1   Piper and Leo went to what school?

#2   Who was the satyr who watched Jason, Leo, and Piper?

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#3   What is the name of the storm spirit who watched Leo and Piper?

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#4   What was Annabeth looking for when she came to the Grand Canyon?

#5   Charm-speaking is when a child of Athena can persuade someone else to do something against their will.

#6   Piper met Rachel in _____'s Cabin.

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#7   When Jason flipped his coin and tails came up, which weapon appeared?

#8   What is the name of the knife Piper used?

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#9   What does "Festus" mean in Latin?

#10   Who is Jason's father?

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#11   What was the name of the mother cyclops in Monocle Motors?

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#12   Who cast a spell over Leo and Jason?

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#13   What happened during the visit with Boreas?

#14   During Leo's visit with Hephaestus, what show kept interrupting?

#15   How many syllables can Cal say in one word?

#16   Where is Aeolus's palace?

#17   Piper had a dream of Aphrodite and woke up wearing a purple dress.

#18   What did Khione do to Thalia?

#19   Leo became the head of the Hephaestus cabin.

#20   When did "The Lost Hero" first get published?




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