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Kodak is a multinational company known for its photographic equipment. How much do you know about the company and its history?


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#1   The full name of the company is:

#2   The first advertising slogan used for a Kodak camera was:

#3   Snapshots became popular with the introduction of the Kodak _____ camera in 1900.

#4   Kodak invented the first digital camera.

#5   "Kodachrome", a song named for Kodak 35mm film, was released in 1973 by:

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#6   In what year did Kodak retire Kodachrome colour film?

#7   OLED technology, used in many flat-screen devices, was invented by Kodak.

#8   Which of these was the most profitable for Kodak?

#9   In the 80s and 90s, you could obtain these plush animals by buying Kodak products and mailing in the proofs of purchase.

#10   Kodak has won multiple Academy Awards.

#11   Which of these did not involve a Kodak product?

#12   Linda McCartney née Eastman (who married Paul McCartney from The Beatles) was related to Kodak's founding family.




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