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Which Word?

Many words in the English language are confused with similar words, like "lay" and "lie". This quiz will see if you know which word to use.


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#1   Andrew was told to ___ down because he was tired.

#2   Nathan was told to ___ the books down on the table and help wash the dishes.

#3   Morgan ___ down the baby in her crib last night.

#4   Jason ____ down during soccer practice because his stomach was hurting.

#5   Christina had ____ down after the party.

#6   Blake had ____ the plates down to help set the dinner table.

#7   This sentence is correct: Tim lies down on the couch every Tuesday after soccer practice.

#8   This sentence is correct: Please lie the glass down so it doesn't break.

#9   "Lie" requires an object in order to create a sentence.

#10   Any sentence with the word "lay" must have at least three words.




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