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This quiz is about characters and events from "Mockingjay". If you have not read the book, don't take this quiz; it will spoil the book!


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#1   Who died near the end of this uprising?

#2   A mockingjay is a mix of a mockingbird and a jabberjay.

#3   President Snow died before President Coin.

#4   How many kids did Katniss and Peeta have?

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#5   The Hunger Games continued after the uprising for many years to come.

#6   What was Primrose's cat's name?

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#7   Who did Finnick marry?

#8   Peeta had tracker jacker venom put into him, and he wanted to kill Katniss.

#9   What was Finnick paid with when he "sold his body"?

#10   What supposedly destroyed district turned out to be still going underground?




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