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Billy Joel Album Art

Billy Joel has been a mainstay on the rock and pop music scene for nearly 40 years, releasing several successful albums, selling out concerts, and amassing a string of hits. This quiz will test your recognition of his album covers.


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#1   What album shows a street corner scene?

#2   What album cover shows Billy Joel poised to hurl a rock through a window?

#3   This album cover is done in shades of blue and features an angular picture of a structure and water.

#4   This album cover is a black and white photo of Billy Joel curled up on a bed next to a mask.

#5   Released in 1983, this album cover shows Billy Joel sitting on the front stoop of a house.

#6   This album cover shows Billy Joel and several people on what appears to be a subway platform.

#7   This album cover is a stark picture of several identical houses in a row.

#8   What album cover is a close-up photo of Billy Joel's face?

#9   What album cover shows Billy Joel holding a flashlight and shining the beam on a piano?

#10   What album cover features a red and black warning flag?

#11   Billy Joel's first album shows a picture of the singer with long hair and a mustache. What is the title?

#12   This album cover shows Billy Joel holding a trumpet and leaning against a brick wall.

#13   What album features cover art by Christie Brinkley?

#14   The song "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)" from the album "The Stranger" is the basis for a Broadway musical. What appears on the cover of the original Broadway cast recording of "Movin' Out?"




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