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"The Big Bang Theory" Characters

How well do you know Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Penny from the hit comedy show "The Big Bang Theory"?


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Created By:MaxRideFan29


#1   Which character has a special spot on the couch?

#2   Which character has a sister that Leonard dated?

#3   Which character is Jewish?

#4   Which character has dated Penny?

#5   Which character is from Galveston, Texas?

#6   Which character is from Omaha, Nebraska?

#7   Which two characters have, at some point, dated Leslie Winkle?

#8   Which character despises Leslie Winkle?

#9   Which character has the last name Wolowitz?

#10   Which character has the last name Koothrappali?

#11   Which character has the last name Cooper?

#12   Which character has the last name Hofstadter?




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