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"NCIS" is a popular TV drama filled with mystery, suspense, and action. How well do you know this show?


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#1   Which NCIS agent is a movie fanatic?

#2   Which NCIS agent was shot and killed on a rooftop in the episode "Twilight"?

#3   Which NCIS agent builds boats in his/her basement?

#4   Fill in the blank: This NCIS character is often referred to as "Very" Special Agent _________.

#5   Which agent is referred to as "Probie" by a member in the team?

#6   Which NCIS character nearly died from the pneumonic plague?

#7   McGee graduated from MIT.

#8   NCIS once had a spy leaking secret information to the "Weather Man".

#9   Who or what is Ducky?

#10   Director Shepard is the NCIS director in season nine.




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